And so it begins…

David Cameron is a grade A cunt!

I was once told that in anything, one should always begin as they intend to go on.  So there we go, with the first sentence of this blog I have perhaps informed the reader of my intentions.  Vaguely political, slightly offensive and occasionally unpredictable I’d like this blog to become something of a venting place for the rants and ramblings that my friends so often have to put up with.  In all probability this blog will likely become either a public sketchboard of sorts, keeping me in the habit of writing and helping me to develop ideas or, much like my vegetable garden, it will very quickly develop into an ill cared for wasteland that I remember about once every couple of months and make a cursory attempt to update.  In either case I sincerely doubt that anyone will find it of any interest or indeed read it with any kind of regularity.

For anyone who doesn’t know me personally and hasn’t been guilt tripped or otherwise strong armed into visiting this blog and giving it a read I am Ben Francis, aka the chubbywordsmith.  I do stuff with words ‘n that.  I write and perform pieces of poetry and spoken word.  As a brief introduction to the kind of world my mind inhabits here’s a piece I wrote earlier this year, brought to life by some inspired (and doubtless drug induced) images from the mind of Mr. Lazarou Monkey Terror:

So this is my casual attempt to enter “the blogosphere”, a concept that seems to captivate, excite and terrify anyone who doesn’t understand what it means.  My writing will no doubt be boring, eclectic and riddled with lexical, grammatical and syntactic errors and for that I apologise, but whatever path this experiment takes I’m sure I’ll attempt to keep the whole thing as free from sentiment and factually accurate as its opening sentence.


Published by: chubbywordsmith

32 year old nerd. Areas of nerdery: Global Development, International Relations (especially MENA, South and South east Asia), Political Economy/Macroeconomics. Lived/Worked in Palestine, Libya amongst other places. Works for an INGO focussing on peacebuilding and conflict issues. Loves Manchester United more than is healthy. @anarchasm

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2 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

    1. As it goes I’ve just been out there with Lorna doing what we can to salvage the broadbeans from aphid death.

      I must admit the veggies would have died months ago if it wasn’t for Lorna’s careful attention. It seems my strategy of “plant seeds, wait for food” was somewhat lackng in the “care and maintenance” field.

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